[dropcap]Care For The Children, in its mission to provide clothing to a greater number of children, has established a Clothing Distribution Voucher Program (CDVP). This program is comprised of partnerships between Care For The Children, various Clothing Manufacturers and Distributors, and local Community Based Organizations. There are many organizations that provide valuable services to communities, ensuring the public has access to food, shelter and clothing. Our approach in providing clothing is designed so that the affected families, who participate in the Clothing Distribution Voucher Program, will receive an additional benefit by becoming more familiar with commerce, trade and purchasing in the 21st Century using the internet. [/dropcap]

BrouchureWith the Clothing Voucher, eligible families can receive clothing absolutely free via the Online Clothing Store (OCS). Qualifying families must meet the criteria and any other approved criteria by the participating community based organization located within their neighborhood.

Brick and Mortar Building will continue to exist, however, with the advancements in technology, we as a society must begin to adapt to these new technologies. In our view, using tried and true distribution channels (normally associated with parcel) can be used as a means to distribute clothing to families in need. With this method, there is no additional warehousing or storage required as compared to those organizations that inventory, store and distribute. Lacking this process, Care For The Children technically increases the effective use of funds and resources in distributing clothing, as well as other facets of the charity.


You can only redeem the clothing voucher ONLINE at www.care4thechildren.org/store. Clothing vouchers must be registered and activated before use and will not be active until 10 a.m. the next business day after issuance. All clothing voucher expire 90 days from date of registration. No exceptions. THESE CLOTHING VOUCHERS ARE NOT MONEY AND CANNOT BE RETURNED OR EXCHANGED FOR MONEY. If you have any questions regarding this voucher or ordering process, call 1.888.227.3801 or send an email to vouchers at care4thechildren dot org. Please note our business hours are Mon-Fri 10am – 3pm.

Supporting Our Voucher Program

When you donate to our Clothing Voucher Program, you allow Care For The Children to give away a clothing voucher or vouchers of equal value. In this fashion, the amount you donate helps multiple families at once. Unlike coupon programs and campaigns which give a percent off, our clothing voucher program affords needy families the opportunity to receive clothing absolutely free. And, our Clothing Voucher Program gives our donors the peace of mind that they are giving back to the community and helping those who are in need.

You can make your donation to the Clothing Voucher Program on-line by clicking here.

Voucher Samples


Clothing Voucher Program Brochure

To learn more, download the Clothing Distribution Voucher Program Brochure.


Clothing Voucher Program Application

To apply, download the application, fill-out, and mail to the address on the first page.