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Food Baskets for Seniors

Servicing Those That Are Young At Heart!

Food Baskets for Seniors is a program that aims to help home bound seniors with nutritional food.

More than 5 million senior citizens age 60 and older face hunger. Seniors face a number of unique medical and mobility challenges that put them at a greater risk of hunger. After a lifetime of hard work, many find themselves struggling with health issues on fixed incomes. Many of these individuals are forced to choose between paying for groceries and buying medicine.

care-of-elderlyThe meals on wheels programs have been an enormous success. However, Area Agencies on Aging across the country are reporting that they have waiting lists, are struggling to provide current meals due to increases in food costs, and are losing volunteers—who often pay for the gas used to deliver meals out of their own pockets—due to the high cost for gas. While there are no national data available on the lengths of waiting lists for meals programs, in February of this year, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report showing that in 2008, existing meals services did not serve most of the low-income older Americans who needed them. The study estimated that 19 percent of low income older adults were food insecure, and that 90 percent of those lacking such resources did not receive any meals.

Food Baskets for Seniors is a program that targets to aid the meals on wheels programs by taking food baskets to senior citizens in the most need.

  • Food baskets are provided to seniors 60 years and up.
  • The program is for one year and can be extended for another year at the end of each year.
  • The program is provided to seniors with low income. Photo I.D. will be required.
  • The program is provided at no cost to seniors but voluntary donations are accepted.
  • Food baskets are delivered one to four times a month depending on availability of food.
  • Emergency food baskets can be delivered upon request from seniors.


Application Process

  • Applications are provided online and by mail.
  • Applications can be filled out at the time that a home visit is made by a Care For The Children representative.
  • Applications can be provided by a meals on wheels representative and forwarded to Care For The Children.